I'm a hopeless wanderer
I will learn to love the skies I'm under

Have you ever had a fever from a bitter-sweet refrain?/Have you ever kissed the sunshine,/walked between the rain?/Well, just climb up on my music/And my songs will set you free/Well, just climb up on my music/And from there jump off with me.

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natsume takashi + quotes 

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▶ Nezushi + space

Terms to know before watching/reading MAGI

Magi: The Kingdom of Chibi (1/2)

Extreme Magic (極大魔法, Kyokudai Mahō) is a magic that is used by those who have mastered Djinn Equip or Dark Djinn Equip. 


Titus reborn as a magi 

Sphintus Carmen || Magi: The Kingdom of Magic